User satisfaction depends on the way in which the Administration offers online information about its services and to what extent the former can manage them electronically with the dual objective of improving quality and efficiency, and take advantage of the driving capacity of the modernization of public services projects for the development of the technology industry, resulting in growth, international expansion and job creation.








We provide leading solutions in automating the commercial management processes of Water, Electricity and Gas companies, providing a complete suite to handle all sales processes, contract administration, meter reading, billing, collections, requests, complaints, claims, administration of the equipment, among other processes, all from a web interface which allows the interaction via desktop and / or mobile.


A modern suite of products allows us to efficiently manage the work force in the field with tools that allow efficient use of available technical resources, plan the work routes, visualization and reporting from the field via mobile application, assignment and subsequent resolution of the assigned service orders, have access to the technicians’ calendar to respond efficiently to reported cases of breakdowns, among other innovative features.

ChatBots | AI

As part of our offer, we have modern Artificial Intelligence technologies which will allows us to implement the most innovative “Chatbots” solutions in the market, from advanced applications of “Natural Language” whose algorithms allow us to recognize the intention to search for information in their web portals so that it can provide more quickly and accurately the most appropriate response to the required information or divert to a Chatbot requests for information that in real time customers may have in terms of general information of products, services and / or processes through omni-channels (Web, Mobile, social networks) without having to use a service agent or implement more advanced dialog models where a virtual agent meets the needs of general and transactional information of clients such as: balance inquiries, product requests, complaints, transfers, payments, allowing hybrid assistance schemes with agents from its contact center and the Virtual Agent, if required, all in a fluid and dynamic conversation.

Self Service

Nowadays, we must ensure that we provide our clients with information about their products and services with as few clicks as possible, ensuring the delivery of the required answers through the browsing of their content available on the website and / or social networks. Allowing to incorporate texts, photos and videos in such a way that clients can easily and intuitively serve themselves without generating a service call to the Contact Center, at the same time increasing their experience, by viewing new ways of presenting the content by any digital channel (Web / Mobile, Social Networks). Knowledge Repositories are made available allowing both clients and service agents to possess the appropriate information to solve problems.

Robotic Process Automation ( RPA)

These innovative technologies will allow us to take over repetitive operations that consume time and become your digital workforce. These Bots have the capabilities to interact with rules that enable process automation and interact with any system. Cognitive capabilities can be implemented in order to provide expertise to these software robots using Machine learning for semi-structured processes that require a decision to be made. Additionally they offer analytical tools that allow monitoring the efficiency of automated processes.

Financial Processes Automation

We offer the most complete ERP suite in the cloud, which will increase the operational efficiencies required by water, electricity and / or Gas companies, to modernize their administrative and financial processes, all through a modern interface, available from any device (Desktop, Tablet and and / or cellular) creating a friendly, easy to use work environment with best operational practices incorporated in the processes of purchases, inventory, treasury, accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, and accounting.

Analytical Solutions

We have the market’s most complete suite of analytical products in the cloud, allowing to offer functionalities that range from the visualization and friendly manipulation of data, to the use of Big Data tools for analysis of structured and unstructured data, which allow clinics and hospitals to quickly analyze, from any device, the configured business indicators.

Talent Administration

We offer a complete suite for the modern management of human talent in companies, with solutions in the cloud that allow companies to trace the objectives of each employee and measure the impact of each employee vs the strategic objectives of the company, execute performance evaluation, manage career plans, provide Elearning tools for training internal collaborators, all this through a modern interface with access via desktop, tablet or cell phone.